Upward Basketball 2022

Upward Basketball 2022

It's that time of year! Upward is starting up here at Bulverde Baptist Church!


For early registration, the cost per child is $80. After November 13, the cost will increase to $95. Multi-child discounts are available. Deadline for registration is December 10.

There are two REQUEST that you can make when you register:

  1. Cannot Practice On...

    You will have 1 one hour practice per week on either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday evenings.
    1-2 grade boys at 5:30pm; 3-4 grade boys at 6:30pm; and 5-6 grade boys at 7:30pm; 1-3 grade girls at 5:30pm; 4-6 grade girls 6:30pm

    If you just CANNOT practice on ONE of those nights – because of work or other legitimate activity – then please indicate which night you cannot practice.

  2. Carpool

    If you MUST practice at the SAME TIME AND NIGHT (not necessarily on the same team) as someone else, otherwise you will not be able to participate, then please select the carpool option.

    PLEASE DO NOT request this unless it is a REAL NECESSITY. Just wanting to be on the same team as a friend is NOT a valid reason.

    BOTH people needing to carpool together MUST indicate on their registration, the other person’s name. They must be the same gender, and in the same grade division. One carpool request per person.

We will try very hard to accommodate every NEED, but it is a HUGE challenge, and extremely time consuming, to try to meet everyone’s request. With between 250-300 players, it is next to impossible to fit siblings on the same night and honor “night exclusion”, and carpool request, and keep the teams balanced to similar skill and height. So please, do not keep someone from getting what they NEED, because of your request for CONVENIENCE..

Register Online

If you would like to register using a paper form, you can find the forms in the BBC church office where the form and registration fee can be dropped off during church office hours (Monday - Thursday, 8:00am-5:00pm).
Payable by cash or check to Bulverde Baptist Church.

You can purchase the optional matching basketball shorts for $14.


Bulverde Baptist Church


Evaluations are mandatory and will be held in the Bulverde Baptist Church Gym.

Saturday, November 13 - anytime between 9:00am & 2:00pm


First Practice - Week of January 3, 2022
First Game - January 15, 2022


We need two co-coaches per team. Upward has all kinds of resources – practice instructions, tutorials, skills and drills videos, game day substitution charts – all on an app. You can send emails to parents and much more. So, you do not need to have much experience or be a basketball wiz. We have all of the equipment at the gym. We just need people with character who will be good role models!

If you would like to be a co-coach, just click the BE A CO-COACH button to sign up.



For questions or more info, please contact Phil Flournoy, our Missions and Outreach Pastor, at pflournoy@bulverdebaptist.com or (830) 980-7577.