SM Camp


NEW MANDATORY Waiver for Camp at Glorieta!
>>>Please sign the waiver HERE.


Bible, pen & notebook
Personal hygiene items
Clothes (For camp and mission work)
Closed-toed shoes
Swim suit (BBC appropriate. See below)
Watch and/or alarm clock
Water bottle
Bug spray
Basketball, frisbee, etc.
$$ for meals on bus ride ($40 - $60)
Meds (turn into Mikayla)
Spending money (optional)

What is camp all about?
We will be heading to Glorieta, New Mexico for Student Life Camp this year. Student Life is a camp designed to allow students to disconnect from their normal routines and take a week to connect with Christ. A typical day consists of programed worship and preaching times in the morning and at night, small group discussions, individual Bible reading times, and service projects during the day. The service projects are a 5 hour block of time where we do anything from landscaping and construction to hosting community activities with local children and the elderly.

What are the travel details?
We will be embarking on an 13 hour charter bus ride that will be departing from Bulverde Baptist Church on Monday, July 9 at 11pm and arriving in New Mexico the following morning. Be at BBC NO LATER THAN 10:45pm on Monday! The first scheduled stop that the bus will take place at 5am in Lubbock the following morning where we will trade out bus drivers. Food and drinks are allowed on the bus as long as all trash is properly disposed of. We will leave camp around 10:30am on Saturday, July 14 and will arrive back at Bulverde Baptist Church around 12pm.

How much does it cost?
The cost for the retreat is $390 which includes your camp food, housing, activities, shirts, etc. You will also need money for meals while we are on the road to and from New Mexico. We will have breakfast and lunch on the trip to NM, and we will have lunch and dinner on the way back to Bulverde. We recommend around $40-$60 for this ($10-$15 a meal). If you want anything outside of this including extra snacks and camp souvenirs, then please plan accordingly.

Do you allow cell phones or electronics?
Student Life Camp is a great opportunity to unplug for a week and focus solely on connecting with Christ. We also want to promote the building of relationships with other students in our Student Ministry. One of the ways that we try to promote this experience is by not allowing cell phones or any other electronics to be brought. We also do not allow non-Christian reading materials. We will have pre-approved movies that will play on the bus ride to and from NM to help with the long trip.

What do I do with my medication?
Please inform us of your medical needs and turn in all medication to us prior to our departure to NM. All medication will be kept secure by the leaders, and we will help remind you to take your medication at the appropriate times.


Is there a dress code for camp or swimming?
Student Life Camp has its own dress code that we will be following while on the bus and while at camp…
No tight clothing (such as leggings) or clothing that reveals undergarments
No short shorts or skirts (Stand with your arms by your side. If your fingertips are touching skin, your shorts or skirt should be longer.)
Shirts should have straps that are at least three fingers wide
No clothing that promotes alcohol, cigarettes or any other inappropriate items
No clothing with questionable sayings, slogans, etc.
For swim suits: no speedos. no two-pieces. We suggest wearing dark shorts and a dark t-shirt over your swim suit.

Can I contact my kid at camp?
Yes! You can visit to send personal messages to your student while they are at camp. They will be handed out to them during our church group time in the mornings. You can also call Garrett Ashley or Mikayla Ashley if you ever need to get ahold of your student quickly.

How can I stay informed of camp activities and travel updates?
Please subscribe to our Tatango notification service by texting “BBCSTUDENTS” to 68398. We will send out travel updates and inform you of possible changes to arrival times through it. For updates throughout the week, please visit our social media pages on FB and Instagram!

Who can I contact about further questions?
Please feel free to contact Garrett Ashley with any other questions or concerns. We want you to be fully informed, feel safe, and be excited about going to camp.
Cell: 210 618-2708